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The Hunger Coalition builds a healthy community through access to good food and addresses the root causes of food insecurity in collaboration with key partners. 

The Hunger Coalition


The Hunger Coalition envisions a community where everyone has access to good food regardless of economic circumstances, where human connections grow, and all are empowered to speak up and be heard. 


  • Access to healthy food as a human right
  • Inclusivity and respect where all voices are recognized as essential parts of the good food community
  • Advocacy for social justice to create lasting change at the systemic level
  • Efficient use of donor resources where the generosity of the community is maximized to make the greatest change
  • A culture of integrity where accountability, fairness, honesty and transparency define us
  • An equitable community where opportunity is not limited by one's race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, citizenship, disability, or religion


The Hunger Coalition is a nonprofit agency managed by a volunteeBoard of Directors, an Executive Director and 13 Staff Members, and over 400 community volunteers. We were founded in 2003 and incorporated in 2004.

The Hunger Coalition is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Federal Tax ID # 72-1582755.

Food Programs

Bellevue Food Distribution

  • Healthy Food Pantry  Good food is paramount to strength and well-being. If you’re facing obstacles like a family or medical crisis, unemployment, or the high cost of living in Blaine County, don’t hesitate to fill up on fresh, nutritious staples from our food pantry at no cost to you. The pantry is arranged like a grocery center where you can fill up a cart with healthy food such as milk, eggs, frozen meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and canned goods
  • Snack Packs  Sending children home from school on the weekends with an assortment of healthy snacks to supplement daily nutritional needs.
  • Summer Food Program – Serving free lunches to children under 18 during the summertime.
  • Infant Formula Initiative - Providing critical supplemental nutrition to infants at risk of malnutrition and hunger. 
  • Fresh Food MarketsOur fresh food markets bring the bounty of Bloom Community Farm and The Hope Garden to a neighborhood near you. These pop-up farm stands led by Bloom Youth Project interns rotate between neighborhoods selling fresh produce and scratch-made meals at deeply discounted rates for individuals who may not always be able to afford grocery store prices.
  • Double Up Bucks is a collaboration with The Hunger Coalition and The Wood River Farmers’ Market, where SNAP recipients can double their buying power. If you spend $20 on your EBT or SNAP card, you’ll get $40 to spend at the market!

Food Assistance Outside the Wood River Valley  Our food assistance programs are available to anyone in Blaine County facing hunger and unable to make ends meet.  While the needs of those outside Blaine County are important to us, we ask they access the social service agencies and community organizations in their counties.                            

Call us at 208-788-0121 for more information!

The Hunger Coalition

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