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We Give Independence,

Not Co-Dependence

Parenting is too important a responsibility to bear alone, yet all too often single mothers and fathers are forced to do just that. Because we believe that effective parenting leads to successful, well-adjusted children, Single Mothers Outreach scaffolds families facing sudden housing instability, income loss, emotional trauma, and social deterioration as the result of divorce, abandonment, or widowhood.  With a mission to “empower single parents and their children by providing hope, support, and resources so that families can become self-sustaining” Single Mothers Outreach (SMO) directly helps single parents find jobs, get educated, secure housing, stabilize their children’s emotional states, manage their finances, and help one another.


  1. Be the #1 resource for single parents in the vast Santa Clarita Valley region by providing comprehensive and timely services to meet their needs.
  2. Raise community awareness of single parents’ unique challenges and the impact those challenges have on society at large and Santa Clarita in particular.
  3. Set single parents on a successful path toward financial, emotional and psychological self-sufficiency.
  4. Create a platform for single parents to voice their challenges, needs, and concerns.
  5. Expand organizational sustainability.
Every program and service we offer answers the question, "How does this help parents move toward greater self-sustainability?" As we strengthen single parents, we strengthen families. We believe that's a good thing for our communities and our nation.

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