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Fundraising global stats: 77% left

Amount raised: $685

Amount left: $2,315

Help Mentor Me connect children and youth to positive role models
                                                                           piece at a time!

Connect with your community by helping Mentor Me put the pieces together and help each child find their perfect fit.

Contribute $5 to adopt one puzzle piece and help make life transforming connections for youth in the community. You are welcome to adopt as many pieces as you wish. Your name will be inscribed on the back of each piece and as the pieces come together we can build the big picture for our kids.
 Together we can make a big difference!

Each new One-on-One Mentoring match costs $1,000.
Our goal is to raise $3,000 to match three youth to their new Mentor.

To keep up with our progress follow on Facebook or Instagram or view our puzzle fundraiser photo gallery at

Contribute. Connect. Community.
   Recent Activity
Cindy and Valery donated $50 on 1/15/2020
Thank you for bringing us together!
Joyce donated $25 on 12/13/2019
Renae F donated $10 on 12/11/2019
Jayne Iglesias MM Board donated $20 on 12/11/2019
Bliss Mama Wellness B donated $15 on 12/6/2019
by Anonymous donated $5 on 12/5/2019
Lisa Patterson donated $25 on 12/5/2019
Thanks for making a difference in our community!
Forsyth F donated $100 on 11/22/2019
CS donated $25 on 11/18/2019
Credit C donated $45 on 11/15/2019
Kelly and Jenna donated $25 on 11/15/2019
Thank you for making a difference in our community! Jenna has loved her time as a mentor.
Mangan Family donated $50 on 11/15/2019
Anika and Dia Patil donated $20 on 11/13/2019
Keith & Pamela donated $100 on 11/13/2019
SAA C donated $170 on 11/12/2019

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