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Gallup Public Radio wants $30,000 to upgrade KGLP's 2 studios, not only for ease of use by volunteers, students, and staff, but to facilitate the integration of haptics that will allow visually challenged users to monitor audio levels, using calibrated changes in vibration frequency felt by the operator through a cuff worn anywhere, then bringing these user interfaces to community media outlets throughout the world.

Currently our "On-Air" studio, "A", is used for both live broadcast and production (pre-recording) while our second studio, "B", is outfitted with cheap equipment for basic recording.  Eventually, we hope that both studios will be interchangeable, for live broadcast or production, with identical mixers and accessories necessary for high-quality radio programming.

We also hope to further isolate the studios from noise such as a nearby elevator and traffic through the hallway adjacent to the station facilities.

Rachel Kaub

Total Raised: $30

Donors: 6

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