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Ambassadors of Reconciliation is commited to the expansion of the ministry of reconciliation through all related ministries. The 501(c)3 organizations below are similarly commited to this ministry of reconciliation and we believe that by working together, we can expand this ministry like never before. Through crowd funding, similar to GoFundMe, we can all be part of this ministry and invite others to do the same!


Brandon Martin

Total Raised: $6,292

Donors: 10

David Jouppi

Total Raised: $21

Donors: 1

Phil Heiser

Total Raised: $4,093

Donors: 53

Crowdfunding allows all of us to participate in the ministry of reconciliation in a very special way and is a great way to connect more people. By each of us sharing our passion for this ministry and directly inviting our friends, family and colleagues to support us, we can collectively enable and grow peacemaking and reconciliation,  reaching more people than ever before! When our friends tell their friends who tell their friends ... that's when something really special happens. Let's leverage the power of the Internet for something good!

We've all heard remarkable stories of the Internet connecting people in support of a common cause through GoFundMe and similar platforms. This is also possible for the ministry of peacemaking and reconciliation. If everyone receiving this invitation raises just a few dollars through their online networks, then this vital ministry will have an operating surplus!

Anyone can be a fundraiser! Click the "Become a Fundraiser" button above then:
1. Create your profile. 
2. For each campaign or ministry you would like to support, set a fundraising goal and share why that ministry is important to you.
- A fundraising goal is very important as it motivates your supporters to help you reach your goal
- It's most impactful when you share how you have been personally impacted or how you personally serve
- You can have the most impact when your profile includes a video (you can shoot it with your phone!) showing your excitement for this ministry
3. Finally, share your fundraising page through your favorite social media such as Facebook, Twitter, email, etc

Get started now! Click the "Become a Fundraiser" button above.

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