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This project combines two of my greatest passions: strengthening Hispanic churches by equipping their pastors and leaders in the ministry of reconciliation (peacemaking)! This August, I have the opportunity to teach and equip seminary students from Latin America at Concordia Seminary in the Dominican Republic. As funding provides . . . more Spanish materials will be provided, Latino pastors and deaconesses trained, and churches in Latin America equipped to live in reconciled relationships!
Let's work together to bring the ministry of reconciliation to Spanish speakers throughout the United States and Latin America!

Your gift will make it possible to provide more materials in Spanish and equip Spanish-speaking seminarians, deaconesses, pastors, and church leaders with training in reconciliation.  

Our Bible study Go and Be Reconciled has been translated into Spanish and seminars using this material have been offered in the Dominical Republic, Mexico, and the US – reaching church workers throughout Latin America and the United States.  Now through this initiative, we are creating a video series of the same seminar that can be accessed online via our website by anyone, at any time.

After this project is complete, we would like to professionally translate our conflict coaching course, Coaching People to Reconcile.  This will offer Spanish speakers the next step in training to become reconcilers – a significant need in our Hispanic churches!

Your gifts will enable Ambassadors of Reconciliation to create these materials and offer this training in Spanish for hundreds of church workers throughout Latin America and the United States.

Ambassadors of Reconciliation is working in partnership with the LCMS Office of International Mission, as well as LCMS churches and RSOs working with Spanish speakers in the US, to provide these materials and training.

Receipts for online donations will be provided immediately upon submitting your online donation.

Receipts for donations received by mail will be sent to you if you send a check, payable to Ambassadors of Reconciliation to:
Ambassadors of Reconciliation
P.O. Box 81662
Billings, MT 59108

In the comment section of your check, be sure in include the name of the fundraiser you are supporting so we can credit your gift to that person's fundraising goal!

 In January of the year following your donation(s), you will also receive a charitable contribution statement detailing the gifts given in each month and stating you received no goods or services in exchange for these gifts. These receipts and the charitable contribution statement will be issued by Ambassadors of Reconciliation. Your credit card statement will also indicate gifts made to Ambassadors of Reconciliation.

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