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Phil Heiser

Total Raised: $4,197

Donors: 55

David Jouppi

Total Raised: $21

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Supporting the ministry of reconciliation through the great work of Ambassadors of Reconciliation

Receipts for online donations will be provided immediately upon submitting your online donation.

Receipts for donations received by mail will be mailed to you if you send a check, payable to Ambassadors of Reconciliation to:
Ambassadors of Reconciliation
P.O. Box 81662
Billings, MT 59108

In the comment section of your check, be sure in include the name of the fundraiser you are supporting so we can credit your gift to that person's fundraising goal!

In January of the year following your donation(s), you will also receive a charitable contribution statement detailing the gifts given in each month and stating you received no goods or services in exchange for these gifts. These receipts and the charitable contribution statement will be issued by Ambassadors of Reconciliation. Your credit card statement will also indicate gifts made to Ambassadors of Reconciliation.

Your gift to this campaign is an undesignated gift to Ambassadors of Reconciliation for the purpose of achieving our mission.
   Recent Activity
Carrie P donated $88.23 on 9/22/2022
Andrew Gunzelman donated $103.75 on 9/11/2022
Carrie P donated $103.75 on 9/11/2022
Charles A Howard donated $103.75 on 9/11/2022
by Anonymous donated $103.75 on 9/6/2022
Wayne Timm donated $1035.25 on 9/5/2022
by Anonymous donated $52 on 8/27/2022
Carrie P donated $103.75 on 8/10/2022
Wayne Timm donated $1035.25 on 8/1/2022
Lew & Connie Dunning donated $50 on 7/19/2022
by Anonymous donated $0 on 7/6/2022

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