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At the heart of Art in Giving lies a family’s hope to eliminate childhood cancer.

The Mission

Art in Giving combines the ingenuity of childhood cancer researchers with the creativity of artists. Researchers stretch the limits of their minds in a relentless pursuit to cure cancer.   Artists stretch the limits of their imagination to appeal to our hearts and souls.   Art in Giving follows a unique path that combines the creativity and generosity of its artists with the needs of talented cancer researchers. Up to 50% of the proceeds from the sale of art through the efforts of Art in Giving are donated to The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation.  The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that makes grants to cancer researchers.

It is our hope that this unique combination of Art, Philanthropy, and Scientific Research appeals to real estate developers, architects, and interior designers who decide which works of art are appropriate to beautify and complete their projects. We hope the combination also appeals to individuals and companies who seek meaningful ways to thank clients, employees, donors and volunteers.

Art in Giving’s personal, customized, and highly responsive service facilitates those decisions to select and display art in the public spaces of buildings and in the private spaces of offices.  Art in Giving merges the beauty of art with the needs of businesses to fund the possibilities of scientific research. By engaging artists, their patrons, and scientists we provide hope to the lives of many and promote the arts at the same time.

The Program

Adorning buildings as well as thanking and honoring with the gift of art and philanthropy, corporations and individuals frequently look for new ways to express appreciation to clients, executives, employees, board members, guest speakers, friends, loved ones, and family members.  Art in Giving offers a unique opportunity to present an enduring, distinctive, and personal gift with the added benefit of supporting a public charity dedicated to pediatric cancer research.  The recipient is presented with a piece of art that resonates with the values of the organization. The art can be created by one of several prominent International Art in Giving artists or with an Art in Giving Certificate to personally select a piece of art.  The art or the gift, whether displayed in the office or the home, serves as a permanent reminder of the honor, and of the opportunity to have made a difference in pediatric health.  Up to 50% of the Art in Giving proceeds are donated to The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation.  Its mission is dedicated to pediatric cancer research and programs to help families cope with childhood cancer.

The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation

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