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$5 for a Reason

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Kathleen Albertson

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12 Cuts Brazilian Steak House

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9Round Coppell

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ResponsiBid North America

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Lucy Lee

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CFR Friends

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ARCSI A Division of ISSA

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Row House Flower Mound

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Chili Cookoff

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We clean homes for cancer patients.
Cleaning for a Reason is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers free home cleaning to cancer patients in the United States and Canada. Our goal is to remove the burden of cleaning and allow those recovering from surgery, in active treatment, or in hospice to focus on their health and spending valuable time with loved ones.

Cleaning for a Reason--EIN 36-3620078--is a signature ISSA Charity, the charitable arm of ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. For more information about ISSA Charities, visit
   Recent Activity
Keith Angel donated $100 on 12/7/2022
Have a great time!
John Barrett donated $100 on 12/7/2022
Way to go John R. Great event!
Elizabeth B. donated $50 on 11/29/2022
Tes Corry donated $50 on 11/29/2022
by Anonymous donated $100 on 11/29/2022
by Anonymous donated $50 on 11/18/2022
David Wang donated $150 on 11/16/2022
Donating in tribute to Stacey Schwinghammer, organizer of this fundraiser; inspires us all in the midst of her own courageous cancer journey
Augustine donated $50 on 11/15/2022
Val J donated $100 on 11/15/2022
I love 9Round and I love this charity! Thank you for putting on a fun fundraising event.
VV donated $50 on 11/11/2022
Laco donated $100 on 11/11/2022
Dr. Brian Betz donated $100 on 11/10/2022
I’m happy to donate to such a great cause. Thanks to Rob and Jennifer Martinez for organizing this charity event.
Sarah Sterie donated $20 on 11/9/2022
Nicole donated $30 on 11/8/2022
Ivan C donated $15 on 11/8/2022
The Steele’s donated $50 on 11/8/2022
Audrey Collins donated $25 on 11/8/2022
This so great and practical!
Marlene Bedeir donated $25 on 11/7/2022
Tim R donated $422.5 on 11/7/2022
Buckets & Bows clients support cancer patients!
Andra Foreman donated $15 on 11/7/2022
Linda K donated $25 on 11/6/2022
Thank you for offering this service to those in need. :) I’m rowing in the 6:30p class, but wanted to make a donation regardless.
Sherill Lazar donated $50 on 11/4/2022
Thank you Cleaning for a Reason for all you do for cancer patients.
Shelly DeForest donated $25 on 11/4/2022
Row for a Cause- FM
Lucy Lee donated $25 on 11/4/2022
I'm a 6-yr cancer survivor. Appreciate what Cleaning for a Reason does for families battling cancer. Amazing support!!
Megan Duncan donated $15 on 11/3/2022
Cleaning for a Reason is a great program for cancer patients!

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