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Give a 1x Gift today and help Provide Hope for Heroes who are suffering with PTSD/TBI.  The Provide Hope 4 Heroes Campaign is trying to raise money to generate awarenss through the LERC Outreach and education workshops.  

Nearly 40% (Diagnosed and Undiagnosed) of the 1.5 million Veterans / Wounded Warriors of OIF/OIF are suffering or will suffer from the effects of PTSD or TBI. Your contribution will go towards helping our warriors through 1-on-1 interaction, Professional Life Coaching, and help stop the alarming # of veteran suicides.

22: # of Veterans that Commit Suicide EVERY DAY (Experts believe its higher)

90%: The percentage of marriages that will end in Divorce for Veterans with PTSD

4X:  The likelihood a Veteran with TBI will Commit Suicide than one without.


Provide Hope - 4 - Heroes

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