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We work with partner organizations worldwide to tackle critical problems in the world’s poorest are to help people lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. 
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Support Legislative Advocacy for Children

Influence public policy and legislative action for the survival, protection and development of the world's children. Sign a petition or send a letter to your Senators or Representative to make child survival issues a priority in Congress.

Your Advocacy Efforts Pay Off

President Obama signs Girls Count Act into law! After sailing through the Senate and the House of Representatives, on June 12, 2015, President Obama signed into law the Girls Count Act!  That means we can work with our partners in the NGO community and the U.S. Government to implement this legislation, and help more children have access to birth registration.Your support and action helped drive the unanimous Congressional support for this legislation, and kids around the world will benefit from it.  Thank you!

Water for the World Act passed - Thank you for raising your voices with us to ensure that the world’s poorest and most marginalized do not have to live without water, sanitation and hygiene. The Water for the World Act (HR 2901) was signed into law in December 2014.  This helps to address the needs of the nearly 2.5 billion people who do not have access to a toilet and the 750 million people who still live without safe drinking water. 


Syria is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child.

7.5 million Syrian children, inside and outside the country, are in need of humanitarian aid, and millions have borne witness to unrelenting violence from the brutal conflict that began more than four years ago. 2.6 million children are no longer in school and 2 million are living as refugees in neighboring countries or on the run in search of safety, helping to fuel a global migrant crisis. Syria is now the world's biggest producer of both internally displaced people and refugees

For these children, what's at stake isn't politics. It's their future. Having already lost their homes, schools and communities, their chances of building a future may also soon be lost.

UNICEF has been on the ground since the conflict began, helping to mobilize the largest humanitarian operation in history and working closely with partners to provide education, physical protection, psychological support and clothing to Syrian refugee children in Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and other countries; immunize children against disease; and provide millions of people with access to safe drinking water.

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