The Water Song Project

The Water Song Project is creating a music video to engage women around the world to become keepers of the water in spirit and action. In Native American tradition, women are the Keepers of Water, men are the Keepers of Fire. The video features a simple, easy to learn Algonquin Water Song that expresses loving gratitude for the water and raises the consciousness and connection of women with Mother Nature’s greatest gift. Our vision is that millions of women will sing it, raising their own connection and awareness of the water they interact with daily even in the shower or at the sink.

The video will be recorded at an August, 2017, gathering with four generations of women, including Native American Grandmothers and respected elders. It will be filmed by an award-winning all-female crew.  Documentary coverage of the gathering, including interviews with elders, will also be used online and in a feature documentary.

Your donation to the Utah Film Center will help fund this is a powerful step to change, leading to both a spiritual as well as environmental shift on our planet. Thank you for your support.

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