Madison Community Foundation Campaign​​​​​​​

The Wisconsin Bike Fed and JUST Bikes Coalition would like to thank Madison Community Foundation for their award of $30,000 for 2019 and 2020 to support increasing access for Bikes for Madison's under served communities. As part of the grant The Wisconsin Bike Fed and JUST Bikes Coalition need to raise matching amounts. You can help us by donating NOW to reach our goal of $10,000 in matching dollars.

The dollars raised will guarantee we reach as many people as possible through three main goals:

  • Increase access to tools to repair bikes: Bicycle Fix It Station installations in under served communities in Madison and training on how to use the Bicycle Fix It Stations.
  • Increase bicycle usage: Bicycle Safety Training, Learn to Ride a Bicycle Training, Bike Maintenance Community Training, Bicycle for Job Access program, Commute to Work by Bike Training, Mobile Bike Repair Program.
  • The Bicycle Youth Internship and Employment Program: Train and employ young people in bike mechanics and safety to give them job skills in the bicycle industry.
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