By partnering with us in 2022, you will reach millions of people with positive evidence of a purposeful universe and human uniqueness through our key initiatives:

  • Evolution News, which along with Mind Matters reaches 3 million users per year.

  • The ID the Future podcast, which received 900,000 listens in 2021.

  • Original videos, including new seasons of Secrets of the Cell with Michael Behe and a PragerU series featuring Steve Meyer.

  • New books published by Discovery Institute Press, including The Miracle of Man by Michael Dentonand Darwinian Racism by Richard Weikart

  • Expanded Summer seminars to reach future scientists and societal leaders.

  • New Grassroots Education and Outreach initiative to recruit and empower activists in every state.

Your support gives us a unique opportunity to communicate the reality of intelligent design and human uniqueness. Lives will be changed in the process.

Just for giving today,  you will receive a free digital monograph, The Fossil Record vs. Darwin by Günter Bechly. If you are able to donate $300 or more, you also will gain access to our private, donors-only online community we launched in 2021.

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As a private research and educational institute, Discovery Institute is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Tax ID #91-1521697). Becoming a donor at any level makes you a part of our ever-growing educational network and provides you with benefits throughout the year.

In order for your gift to count towards the 2021 tax year, your donation must transact by midnight in our system on December 31, 2021.

Just for giving online at, you will receive a free digital monograph, Darwin’s Three Big Ideas that Impacted Humanity. If you are able to donate $300 or more, you also will gain access to a new private, donors-only online community we are launching in early 2021.
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