KAFM Monument Members help make your favorite programs possible. In fact, membership combined with local business underwriting makes up about 90% of KAFM's operating budget. 

To become a member, simply donate the amount that works best for you on a monthly basis.  It doesn’t have to be a large monthly amount. Even a monthly gift of about the cost of a cup of coffee goes a long way towards enabling us to bring you quality programming and connection to community resources. 

Becoming a Monument Member is an easy and effective way to invest in KAFM’s community-driven public radio. It’s where you will hear your friends and neighbors on the air every day, bringing you the largest variety of music available on the airwaves in the Grand Valley.

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Monument Member 
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For Recurring Payments. My authorization to withdraw a monthly donation from the account indicated will remain in effect until I change or end it, and KAFM has ample time to process my request. I understand that by choosing eCheck, my donation will be processed on 15th or 30th  day of each month, within 4 business days, Which ever is closer to the initial donation day.

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