We at Hackensack Riverkeeper have entered our peak environmental programming season, introducing students of all ages to the wetlands, wildlife, and wonders of our Hackensack River Watershed.

Each year, we take students from Kindergarten through graduate school on Eco-Cruises, Combo programs, and other hands-on environmental education (EE) programs.

Many are from at-risk or underserved communities; others have special needs or learning obstacles. Regardless of his or her challenges in life, every kid, their parents, and educators deserve the opportunity to connect with the natural world. And if you ask us, there’s no better way to do it than on a river – their river.

Hackensack Riverkeeper is committed to offering Eco-Cruises to student groups – this year and every year – but we need your help to maintain our high level of service and to ensure that no school, summer camp, or youth group of any kind is ever turned away.

Did you know?

  • We host upwards of 1,200 students on the water each year.

  • Each Eco-Cruise costs between $300 and $750 to conduct depending on number of students and length of time required.

  • Between them, Captains Bill Sheehan and Hugh Carola have 39 years’ experience on the water

  • Our award-winning environmental education programs have served as models for similar EE activities across the country and beyond.

Why do we need your help? Two reasons:

First, funding from charitable foundations has dropped dramatically in recent years –meaning much less is available to nonprofit organizations like Riverkeeper.

Second, while most schools and others do make donations, we must rely on additional support to keep our Eco-Cruise program sustainable.

Without the help of supporters like you, we run the very real risk of having to curtail – or even cut – the EE programs we’ve been conducting for children, senior citizens and the general public since 1997.

As Captain Bill says, “We don’t do boat rides; we do environmental education.” Help keep us on the job; help keep us effective; help us to introduce students of all ages to their river for the next twenty years – and beyond!

As a thank you, for every $25 you donate, you will receive a commemorative 20th anniversary mug. As always, your donation to support our work is 100% tax deductible.


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