Join The Bunny Hutch Critter Club Today to Support Animals in Need!

Join the Critter Club, a monthly subscription service that brings WILD education to your mailbox every month!

100% of the money we raise with our Critter Club goes right back to saving exotic pets such as bunnies, turtles, lizards, snakes, birds, and ferrets.

With your support, we have rescued over 200 animals in the past few years. Let's rescue hundreds more... together!

  • Jr's Friends ($5 per month) -
    Receive our monthly Critter Club letter in the mail! Our Critter Club letter is written by Jr. himelf - the biggest bunny in the United States. Every month, you'll learn a little about the wild animals you are supporting here at The Bunny Hutch and CLIMATES-Rescue.

  • Hutch Helpers ($10 per month) -
    Receive our monthly Critter Club letter in the mail and our monthly clay critter, lovingly created by hand to look like the animal you are supporting every month.

  • (MOST POPULAR) Bunny Brigade ($25 per month) -
    Receive our monthly Critter Club letter and our monthly clay critter, PLUS a special and 100% unique "sustainable swag" item made with real reptile shed on your first month and special bonus items throughout the year

Would you like to receive multiple clay critters every month, like Tortellini the Turtle pictured a left? Choose our x2 or x3 package! These packages are perfect for families, so everyone in the household can start their own critter zoo.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For more information about our animals, our education foundations, and our shelter, visit 100% of your money supports animals like those pictured below:

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