Violent injury is a public health epidemic and addressing root causes is critical for a durable solution. The value of the voices of our patients and our Violence Prevention Professionals in hospital-based violence intervention programs is essential in understanding how to better provide more comprehensive, patient-centered trauma care. 

At the Western Trauma Association’s 2022 meeting we aim to feature those voices front and center.  A panel discussion led by the WTA’s Violence Prevention Committee will include a former patient and a Violence Prevention Professional, two credible messengers, both from a hospital-based violence intervention program.  The panel will take place during the afternoon session on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 in Big Sky. 

On Giving Tuesday help us bring these voices to WTA by providing resources necessary to have our patient and our Violence Prevention Professional join us to provide their insights into improvement of comprehensive trauma care and be a part of this year’s Fellowship of the Snow.

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