This holiday season, give a life-changing experience at GallopNYC to another human being, for yourself or on behalf of someone you love. For 15 years, GallopNYC has provided therapeutic riding lessons to New Yorkers, changing literally thousands of lives. Our work helps New Yorkers believe in their own ability to set and accomplish goals and advocate for themselves and better their lives. This year, we wanted to highlight several ways to give, via our catalog. 

Become a GallopNYC Guardian -  $5000

Your support pays the cost of caring for a horse for a year and ensures happy and healthy horses for therapeutic riding lessons, enabling our students to develop relationships with their caring equine partners.

Give the gift of veterinary and farrier care to our horses - Year: $2500  | Single Season: $625

Horses are athletes - and they need to be at their best to perform and support our riders in lessons. Your gift pays for their professional care.

Provide feed and hay to our horses - Year: $1000 | Single Season: $250

Eating right is so important for our horses, and each member of our herd is on a unique feeding plan to maintain their overall health, coat, and muscle mass. Your gift ensures our equine partners are well fed.

Support 10 riders for a season - $5500

Fund the cost of lessons for 10 riders for one term, 100 lessons, and 10 lives changed. Make the world a better place - change the lives of children.

Deliver a package of lessons for one student - Year: $2200 |Single Season: $550

Support one rider for a year or a season. Empower a single rider through our program, building life-changing skills like improved cognition, physical strength, and social capability.

Sustain the program of your choice  Year: $1000 | Single Season: $200

Give bedrock funding to strengthen GallopNYC's programs for veterans, job skills, youth leadership, and more. Your donation allows GallopNYC to create and deliver innovative programming to all New Yorkers.

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New Helmet - $100 | Blue Ribbon - $75 | Single Lesson - $55 | New Saddle Pad - $25| Single Horseshoe - $10

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