A donation to Mothers' Milk Bank is an investment in improved survival and development for vulnerable babies born too soon and too small. 100% of your contribution is directed to ensure that all infants with a medical need for donor human milk receive it, regardless of insurance or financial resources.  

Mothers' Milk Bank has saved the lives of more than 50,000 premature and medically-fragile babies since opening our doors in 1999.

Because of people like YOU, every child with a medical need for donor human milk who has reached out to us has been served--regardless of insurance coverage or a family's ability to pay. 
100% of your gift this season will be dedicated to our mission to save babies' lives and will enable us to provide more milk to more vulnerable children throughout North America.

Each donation amount represents the meals you will providing to fragile babies. And this year, depending on the donation amount, you'll receive an incentive gift. We'll be mailing it out early next year!
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