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Please help this local NY family - 7 year old Beatrice is a preemie twin who has autism that prevents her and her family from friendships, work and social outings.  She is the daughter of a former NYPD officer who now works for Homeland Security, and a part time professor who is unable to work full time due to Beatrice’s needs.  Beatrice has minimal verbal communication, and often uses screaming, loud vocal stimming or self injury to communicate frustration.  She has zero danger awareness and has run off.  Her sensory needs are overwhelming to her and she engages in unsafe behaviors such as climbing on counters or rocks, going upside down, and walking off during outings.  The family of five is unable to take Beatrice places she loves, such as aquariums, parks and grocery stores, because it’s just too difficult and dangerous.

Beatrice's parents are overwhelmed and want safety and companionship for Beatrice.  Merlin’s KIDS, a renowned service dog nonprofit organization, has accepted Beatrice into their program. A service dog can provide safety for Beatrice through tether, safe spot, comfort/deep pressure therapy and mitigation of meltdowns.  The goal of this event is to raise $13,000 which is 50% of the full cost to train and place Beatrice’s service dog.  Merlin’s KIDS is able to move more quickly than many other organizations.  Their service dogs are top notch and relief for this family is in sight. Please donate and spread the word about this fundraiser so that we can fund her service dog.   Thank you for making a difference!

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