A prevalent theme in history and even our present-day world is that government control both stifles education and suppresses freedom. The remedy is education emancipation, with free-market education replacing government control of schools. And this free-market approach returns control to where it belongs — parents.

We ask that you come alongside us in this important work to make education emancipation a reality. The future of not just our youth, but also our nation, is at stake. Please donate what you can through a tax-deductible contribution.

Donate $25 to put Every School: One Citizen’s Guide to Transforming Education in the hands of key state leaders.

Donate $100 to promote the timely work, research, and articles of the American Center for Transforming Education (ACTE) on social media.

Donate $500 to enable ACTE Director Dr. Keri D. Ingraham to provide you with investigative research revealing the stifling of parent voices when it comes to choice in education.

Donate $1,000 to enable ACTE Chairman & Senior Fellow Don Nielsen to deliver the ACTE message focused on a strategic game plan to transform schools.

Donate $2,500 to enable Dr. Ingraham to engage with school communities, legislators, and media outlets to promote the expansion of public support for school choice.

Donate now and as a thank you gift, we’ll send you a downloadable/electronic copy of the ACTE strategic plan for transforming our nation’s K-12 education system outlined by Chairman and Senior Fellow Don Nielsen.

In order for your gift to count towards the 2021 tax year, your donation must transact by midnight (Pacific Time) in our system on December 31, 2021.

As a private research and educational institute, Discovery Institute is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Tax ID #91-1521697). Becoming a donor at any level makes you a part of our ever-growing educational network.

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Please consider standing with us in this fight with your financial support. Every dollar amount counts.
Defeat Radical Indoctrination
We need your help. An unprecedented campaign is underway to win the hearts and minds of vulnerable children in classrooms across America with extreme ideologies. Public schools are being transformed into radical indoctrination centers pushing gender redefinition and self-selection, rewriting history, and promoting Critical Race Theory.

It’s not too late to intervene and reverse these new radical policies, practices, and curriculums that go against our country’s best interest and that of our students. The American Center for Transforming Education, a program of Discovery Institute, is at the forefront of the defense of American ideals and fight against radical indoctrination in our schools. As a non-profit organization, our work is made possible only by the generosity of our supporters.

Taking action now is critical because those promoting radical ideologies are becoming ever more aggressive in systematically pushing their agenda in our K-12 schools, with alarming success.

Will you join in a growing movement to expose and end this damaging indoctrination taking place in our schools?
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