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Linn-Mar Poms Legacy Campaign 2020-2021

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Linn-Mar Poms Legacy Campaign

The Linn-Mar Poms are proud & honored to celebrate our rich history.  From the Pom-Pom girls of 1967-68 to the current Linn Mar Varsity Poms, our alumni have established a legacy that has built the current organization in to a nationally ranked program.


The first Linn-Mar Poms squad began paving the way in the 1967-1968 school year with hand-sewn uniforms, spirit and tenacity and the drive of 12 students to create a wonderful way to support and cheer on the Lions! Even though many said the team was just a “fad”, the founding members and Poms team knew what was possible!

Through the years, the Linn-Mar Poms organization has grown, won state and regional championships and become a routine top 5 national finisher. We are building on a legacy. As we look to the future, a sustainable legacy fund is a guaranteed way for us to support our current and future Linn Mar Poms team.
Your generous support will help guarantee our success:
Our ongoing fundraising campaign is at the discretion of the varsity coaching staff.  We will recognize contributors through social media, publications and in our practice facility.  This campaign will be ongoing and in our goal build to a level that helps keep this program competitive at the national level.
Over the last 25 years, our Poms organization has been traveling to state, regional and national championships will amazing results. Our athletes are competing at the highest levels against talented competitors. Our Linn-Mar Poms exhibit their passion for their craft each and every day and are applying leadership, dedication, sportsmanship and drive to each performance. A travel fund will allow us to continue to travel and experience the highest level of competition.
It is our desire to help reduce or eliminate financial barriers for students to be a part of the Poms organization. Each family contributes fees, uniform costs, travel and much more. This is not always possible for each family and our newly created Poms Champions Scholarship Fund will help ease the burden for students who qualify.

Owning a competition Marley floor is just one goal of the Linn-Mar Poms! This portable floor is used at the highest levels of competition and our dancers only experience it at national competitions and not in a regular practice environment. It is a completely different feel and enhances performance and safety during practice, exhibitions, competitions and clinics. Our capital fund would be ear marked to purchase this equipment as early as our 2024-2025 competition year as $45,000 needs to be raised to purchase this valuable equipment.

Thank you for supporting the Linn-Mar Pom program benefitting current and future Poms!

*Please note, the Linn-Mar School Foundation is an established 501(c)3 organization supporting the Linn-Mar Community School District. Contributions to this campaign will be directed to the Linn-Mar Poms. All gifts are 100% tax-deductible and eligible for employer matching gift programs. This legacy campaign does not pay for individual performers fees, participation and uniform fees are paid for by individual families. 

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