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Amount raised: $32,900

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As one LeadBoston alum said: “LeadBoston opens your mind to issues and points of view to which you otherwise would not have been exposed, opens doors to places you otherwise would never go, and opens your heart to people and communities you otherwise would not know."

Did you know that the actual cost of the LeadBoston program is closer to $10,000 per person? In an effort to make participation accessible for organizations, YW Boston charges on a sliding scale with tuition ranging from $300 to $6,500 based on size and whether an organization is nonprofit or for profit.

We are hoping you value your experience as much as we did, and that you will help create a sustainable alumni annual giving program with a goal of collectively raising at least $55,000 each year. The contextual knowledge and networks LeadBoston develops depends upon participants from a wide range of organizations, and this year $55,000 would cover the difference between full tuition and the nonprofit rate for 12 members of the current class who are leaders in civil rights, education, housing and healthcare.

Thank you for your support!