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YouthReach International

YouthReach International establishes local mentoring communities which prepare vulnerable youth for success in life through spiritual development, positive role models, and practical life skills

Through friendship with local mentors and God's deep love, vulnerable youth experience life with hope and a future. By partnering with the campaigns below, you provide children and young people the life-changing hope and friendship of committed, godly mentors. 

YouthReach International is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is: to establish local mentoring communities which equip vulnerable youth for success in life through spiritual development, positive role models, and practical skills.

We have successfully launched self-sustaining mentoring communities in Russia and Belarus which actively share God’s love with vulnerable youth in those countries.

We continue to develop mentoring communities in Ukraine as we return to Lithuania and launch new projects in Zambia and Zimbabwe, with a strategic eye on Lebanon.

Wherever we go, we strive to create opportunities for the church to interact with the influential people in a community in order to mobilize local resources for the benefit of local at-risk youth. The most important resource we want to mobilize is the Christian who is willing to lovingly and consistently engage with young people in need of godly influence and useful life-skills.

YouthReach International focuses our efforts on cities in Ukraine, Lithuania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, as we maintain partnerships in Russia and Belarus and develop relationships in Lebanon.


In the past, state-run orphanages were our primary point of contact with youth in need of a mentor. Now, as Eastern Europe transitions to a foster-care system, we engage with the wider community to find and help vulnerable youth. In Zambia and Zimbabwe, we partner with church-planters and churches who have asked for our help in serving their young people. Everywhere we go, we engage in a variety of activities such as leadership training, mentor training and short-term mission projects which ultimately aim at demonstrating to vulnerable youth that they are valuable both to God and their communities.


YouthReach International impacts the lives of young people who desperately need to know that they are valued and valuable. As they engage with godly, same-gender mentors, they experience the love of Christ and develop useful skills that will enable them to positively impact their communities. Consequently, YouthReach International not only impacts the lives of vulnerable youth, but also the lives of everyone those young people touch.

We want to tell you our story and share our vision with you.

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