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YouthReach International

YouthReach International  

YouthReach International establishes local mentoring communities which vulnerable youth for success in life through spiritual development, positive role models, and practical life skills. 

Through friendship with local mentors and God's deep love, vulnerable youth experience life with hope and a future. By partnering with the campaigns below, you provide children and young people the life-changing hope and friendship of committed, Godly mentors. 
YouthReach International is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that focuses its efforts on reaching youth around the world. Our mission is: 
Establishing local mentoring communities which equip vulnerable youth for success in life through spiritual development, positive role models, and practical skills.

Positive Relationships: 
While children in orphanages may have interaction with multiple adults in administration and caretaker roles, these relationships are mostly authoritative. There is a lack of positive adult relationships within the orphanage system that the state cannot provide. This results in children growing up without direction, without someone to mentor and guide them through difficult times and critical decisions.  We believe the best source for those much needed relationships is the local church.

First Responders:
Positive adult relationships for orphans and vulnerable youth through Mentoring Communities made up of local Ukrainian, Russian, and Belorussian Mentors are key to their survival. The best “first responders” to the crisis of orphans in any community are people in that community.  Therefore, we work hard to create arenas in which people of influence in a society can interact with first responders in their community for the purpose of mobilizing local resources to respond to the needs of local orphans.
Establishing and Empowering Local Mentoring Communities:
Let the video below introduce you to a mentor who demonstrates God's love in a commmitted and tangible way. Establishing and empowering such local mentoring communities is our focus as they regularly equip vulnerable youth in their community to succeed in life. 

YouthReach International focuses its efforts on key regions within the countries of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Lithuania. Mentor initiated orphanage visits and short-term international mission-team camps and outreach create first-touch ministry opportunities. These experiences introduce children to the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ and to beginning mentoring relationships with in-country Mentors. These mentoring opportunities are then continued with frequent orphanage visits and gatherings, allowing relationships to go deeper and develop along spiritual lines. Programs are developed over time, providing a safe place for orphans and orphanage graduates to enjoy recreation, mentoring, life skills training, and spiritual growth. Orphan Sponsorship is one more way to care for orphans in partnership with local mentors - filling in the gaps where orphans continue to be in need. 


Partnerships with in-country churches, ministries and orphanages are developed and expanded as well. This allows for further ministry opportunities that communicate a vital message to orphans: they indeed matter to someone. Other partnerships are also developed with business, educational, religious, and governmental organizations and individuals to provide access to groups of children, introduce us to new mentors, and deepen the effectiveness of the mission.

What do we mean by area of impact? 

Sometimes this means places where the DNA of YouthReach International's ministry model has been planted and is bearing fruit. Sometimes we talk about opportunities for future ministry. Sometimes we talk about partnerships with local mentors and churches. All of this is part of telling the story of the impact, but the most meaningful impact we aim for is the impact God has in the lives of vulnerable youth through local mentoring communities.

Children and young people deserve and need the living hope of Christ, a positive mentor that has hope for them, and a future that they can have hope in.

The videos below show snapshots of mentoring, ministry, and opportunities across different locations to help you know the impact that is being made in the lives of vulnerable youth, and invite you to dive into the story of this impact with us. 





In collaboration with mentoring communities across Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia, the Orphan sponsorship Program connects American ministry partners with orphans and youth being reached by local mentoring communities through prayer, communication, and monthly support. The video below provides a short snapshot of this great area of impact.

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