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When you invest in Youthprise, you invest 3 times – in our organization, in our communities and in Minnesota youth.

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by Anonymous donated $10 on 8/3/2020
Steered here by Fringe. Please don't put me on your list, I already have other orgs I support.
by Anonymous donated $100 on 8/3/2020
Thanks to the theater group "Melancholics Anonymous" and their play "Good Grief" for directing me to this cause!
Madeline S donated $20 on 8/3/2020
Thomas Bryant donated $10 on 8/3/2020
In honor of Melancholics Anonymous’ Play Good Grief
Timothy K donated $100 on 8/2/2020
Phil Diser donated $25 on 8/1/2020
Suggested by "Good Grief" production.
Jessica Donner donated $50 on 7/30/2020
Thank you for your powerful words and actions to make the world a better place.
Lisa Xiong, MA, LMFT donated $20 on 7/30/2020
Shiranthi donated $100 on 7/29/2020
So grateful to share space with such amazing younger folks! It’s great that we’re able to directly invest in their amazing organizations.
Sheila Gothmann donated $100 on 7/29/2020
Loved the youth-led discussion. Give me hope!
Hanna Exel donated $15 on 7/29/2020
Zachary P donated $50 on 7/29/2020
Jenna Courtney donated $50 on 7/29/2020
by Anonymous donated $922.25 on 7/28/2020
by Anonymous donated $150 on 7/26/2020
Thank you, Youthprise!
David Braegelman donated $250 on 6/29/2020
Lynnea A Atlas-Ingebretson donated $10 on 6/26/2020
Grateful for the urgent work youthprise is doing!
by Anonymous donated $1 on 6/26/2020
Greg and Mary Caron donated $100 on 6/15/2020
Samara Rosenbaum donated $35 on 6/13/2020