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Youth Art Exchange is 20! 

For 20 years, YAX has brought the arts to youth who otherwise may not have access. Since the very first art class offered at Galileo High School in 2000, we have worked to bring free arts education into the lives of San Francisco public high school students and their communities.

Youth need the arts—now more than ever. The arts are critical for young people engaging in the world around them, especially during these challenging times. As a vehicle for self discovery and self expression, youth can articulate their needs and perspectives. They can share their protests and radical ideas for changing the systems in which they participate and live. Their viewpoints are vital as San Franciscans living in and contributing to the culture of our city, yet they are often not allowed in decision-making that affects them. Their activism will impact all of our lives; their agency and voice are essential.  

Our commitment to self-expression, self-discovery, skill building, youth leadership, and empowered young artists remains stronger than ever. We are committed to our youth that are young printmakers, young architects, young filmmakers, young performers, and more learning and experimenting through the arts. We are committed to these youth changing the world. 

It is fundamental to our mission that we keep our programs free. Your donation is even more important to YAX during these ever-changing times. For 20 years, your generous support has provided incredible opportunities and positively impacted the lives of the youth we serve. Please donate today to help YAX continue this important work for many more years to come!

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Georgina donated on 10/13/2021
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by Anonymous donated on 9/2/2021
We love what YAX does!
Dante and his Mom donated on 8/31/2021
My son loved his class. His instructor was very patient and he had lots of fun while learning to make electronic music.
Sofia Fillon donated on 8/30/2021
Thank you, YAX!
Pilar G donated on 8/30/2021
Book and Wheel donated on 8/24/2021
YAX does great work, all the time.
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