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Youth need the arts. The arts are critical for young people engaging in the world around them. As a vehicle for self discovery and self expression, youth can articulate their needs and perspectives. They can share their protests and radical ideas for changing the systems in which they participate and live. Their viewpoints are vital as San Franciscans living in and contributing to the culture of our city, yet they are often not allowed in decision-making that affects them. Their activism will impact all of our lives; their agency and voice are essential.


There is not enough access to the arts for public high school youth in San Francisco. With funding from the arts being slashed in budget cuts nationwide, the arts have dwindled from school schedules and curricula. In San Francisco, we fill that gap. We bring the arts to youth who otherwise may not have access. Through out of school time programming and classes during the school day, we create critical pathways to the arts. We are committed to equity in arts access by having all of our programs be free for San Francisco public high schoolers.


We are committed to self-expression, self-discovery, skill building, youth leadership, and empowered young artists. We are committed to our youth that are young printmakers, young architects, young filmmakers, young performers, and more learning and experimenting through the arts. We are committed to these youth changing the world.

We need you to commit to equitable access to the arts. It is critical that we keep our programs free. Your giving to Youth Art Exchange is an investment in the future of our youth.

Join for $10/month as Booster Club members and help u
s to keep our programming free and our focus on increasing access to the arts!

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Ariel Fortune donated on 5/22/2020
Kseniya Romanenko donated on 5/22/2020
Love and miss y’all. Wish you another 20 artful years
Isabella M donated on 3/13/2020
Art Battle International donated on 2/3/2020
Thank you YAE!
Patti C Hughes donated on 1/11/2020
Jill H Steffey donated on 1/7/2020
gae shulman donated on 1/4/2020
Art helps insure that youth is not wasted on the young!
by Anonymous donated on 12/31/2019
by Anonymous donated on 12/30/2019
Lisa Duba donated on 12/28/2019
by Anonymous donated on 12/27/2019
steve gennrich donated on 12/23/2019
Go YAX!!!
Maria Rogers Pascual donated on 12/23/2019
Thank you for all you do!
Daniel Georges donated on 12/22/2019
in honor of Beth Rubenstein
by Anonymous donated on 12/20/2019
Victoria Stein donated on 12/16/2019
Thank you for your wonderful staff and programs!
by Anonymous donated on 12/16/2019
Josh Brankman donated on 12/4/2019
In honor of Reed's incredible leadership and in anticipation of Raffaella's passion and energy in her new role!
by Anonymous donated on 10/30/2019
by Anonymous donated on 10/10/2019
Yes arts!
Tina Cervin donated on 10/10/2019
YAX offerings to students give them a voice and wings. Thank you Reed for your vision & efforts!!
Eleanor Pries donated on 10/9/2019
Honoring the past — Casting into the future — Full of admiration for YAX
Maddie Oatman donated on 10/9/2019
by Anonymous donated on 10/7/2019
Thanks YAX for all you do for our kids!
Christine Godinez donated on 8/21/2019