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Pay securely online for a flocking or for a flocking removal. All proceeds benefit the Campus Life Ministry at Windsor Knolls Middle School. A flocking or flocking removal costs $10. To have the flock removed from your yard and relocated to someone else's yard costs $20. You will need to contact our flocking experts at to provide details for the flocking or flocking removal (including address) once you have made your donation.
   Recent Activity
Wise Family donated $88.56 on 6/23/2020
Gary & Kara Aughinbaugh donated $10 on 6/17/2020
Emily Willard donated $21.12 on 6/14/2020
Julie Houston donated $10.74 on 6/12/2020
Michelle Borgen donated $21.12 on 6/11/2020
Joe Rydzewski donated $20 on 6/10/2020
The Vicinellys donated $21.12 on 6/8/2020
Mike L donated $21.12 on 6/8/2020
Chang Family donated $21.12 on 6/6/2020
So excited to be part of this wonderful organization!
Vanna Singhal donated $21.12 on 6/6/2020
Lauren G donated $21.12 on 6/6/2020
Tiffany donated $21.12 on 6/4/2020
Jessica Reid donated $21.12 on 6/3/2020
by Anonymous donated $20 on 6/1/2020
So fun! Love this idea!
by Anonymous donated $21.12 on 5/31/2020
Hollie Nowicki donated $20 on 5/30/2020
Brandi Berkheimer-Tan donated $10 on 5/30/2020
The Favatas donated $21.12 on 5/28/2020
katie g donated $10 on 5/27/2020
Annie F donated $20 on 5/27/2020
Angelica donated $21.12 on 5/26/2020
What a sweet idea! Thanks for flocking us!
Leslie Stanley donated $21.12 on 5/26/2020
Thank you for flocking us! We think campus life is a great cause and are happy to provide financial support.
Carrozza Family donated $41.87 on 5/25/2020
Shannon Iacone donated $21.12 on 5/23/2020
Chirag Shah donated $20 on 5/21/2020