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I'll post progress pictures here throughout the month. 

Here's a look back on 11 years of No Shave November: Beards through time (11 years' worth!)

Clean-shaven for Day 1

One week in - Day 7

Two weeks - Day 14

~3 weeks - Day 20

I'm pretty excited to begin my 11th year participating in a No Shave November (NSN) effort for three major reasons
First, I have a new partner organization, Year Up! Their work is closely aligned with my student-centered approach to higher education, not to mention the key populations my institution supports on their journey to graduation. Check out a brief description of them below.
Year Up is a non-profit group offering a one-year, intensive training program that provides low-income young adults, ages 18-24, with a combination of hands-on skill development, college-level coursework, and corporate internships. They have 25 locations across the US, but the Chicago office is launching the NSN effort.
Second, the event is more inclusive than before! Instead of just being about growing facial hair, Year Up is branding this effort Natural Self November | Beards for Opportunity. The Beards for Opportunity piece should sound familiar, but the Natural Self November invites people to forego makeup, wear natural hair, or other personalized ways to just be you for a month. This opens the event to more than just those who can (or try like me) to grow facial hair.
Third, the overall effort for this year is better than I've been involved with for many years! Year Up is shooting to have 70 participants (which is way more than I've had engage the past 5 years or so). They also have incentives for participation and an end of the month celebration event for top fundraisers and sponsors. They're pushing themselves to raise at least $15,000 in partner organization sponsorship, really engaging the community and leveraging their network for a great cause. All of this means more impact for young adults in need.

Given this excitement, I'm setting my sights high this year with a fundraising target of $2,000. You're already on my donation page, so please consider supporting me with a donation. Use the orange box on the right of the screen to make a donation.
Should be feel compelled to join the cause/become a fundraiser, go here and click the green "Become a fundraiser" button. It's never too late in the month to join or contribute to the cause! 
Thank you all, as always, for the support for me in this furry initiative. Check out the pictures tab for updates at the beginning and throughout the coming month.