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Hurricane Ida Relief Fund for YALA Teaching Artists

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Students surround a teaching artist as she leads an arts education lesson.Teaching artist stands in front of the classroom holding up her muscles in an exaggerated stance. Students sit on their class rug looking up at the teaching artist and their classroom teacher sits nearby.

G I V E   W H A T   Y O U   C A N   S O   O T H E R S   C A N   T A K E   W H A T   T H E Y   N E E D

Hurricane Ida has passed but the storm continues to impact many Louisianans, especially nontraditional educators, like YALA teaching artists. These professional artists and educators teach their artform in school classrooms, afterschool and summer programs, and community workshops. Teaching artists create engaging educational experiences in a range of creative forms that change the way children view learning and how educators view teaching!

However, many of YALA's teaching artists work as independent contractors. As a result, they are especially vulnerable when severe weather forces evacuation. Not only has the aftermath of Hurricane Ida closed the doors to many schools and libraries, it has prevented teaching artists from working to secure the income they need for day-to-day living and evacuation expenses. Due to the current disaster, independent contractors lose anywhere from $500 - $2,000 each week they are not teaching. Teaching artists in the hardest hit areas may not return to work for months. While the circumstances were beyond anyone's control, now you can do something to help!

Each week they are not teaching YALA teaching artists lose $500-2000. Contribute to the Hurricane Ida Relief Fund
C O N T R I B U T E   T O D A Y

Contribute to our Hurricane Ida relief fund for YALA teaching artists who work as independent contractors today! All contributions will go towards their lost income and evacuation expenses in attempt to help offset losses from the recent hurricane. The distribution amount will depend upon the total amount raised.

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