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Help Stop FERC from shirking its LNG export oversight responsibility

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has abdicated responsibility for regulating the production and storage of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) at small-scale inland export facilities, allowing these facilities to operate with basically no Federal oversight.

LNG trucks barrel down I-75 from Georgia past high schools, colleges, businesses and homes, turning onto I-10 to get to Jacksonville for ships at least as far as Puerto Rico.  At the ends of the Sabal Trail pipeline chain in Florida, trucks go out from half a dozen LNG export operations authorized by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Fossil Energy (FE).  If any of those trucks wrecks, everyone should be evacuated half a mile downwind, according to federal standards, including high schools and hospitals.  Very few local emergency responders know this and fewer have appropriate emergency plans.

To compound the problem, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has now authorized the transport of LNG freight by rail through densely populated areas.  In fact, the FRA has approved the transport of 100,000 gallons a day from one inland LNG plant in Miami that began exporting LNG on February 5, 2016, to the Caribbean region from the ports of Miami and Everglades.

LNG is natural gas that has been cooled to -259 degrees Fahrenheit.  In liquid state, LNG has 600 times the energy of natural gas and occupies 1/600th the volume.

FE has has authorized LNG exports from deep water ports from Miami to Jacksonville, Florida, and beyond.  LNG is loaded into 40-foot, 10,000-gallon ISO containers (giant thermos bottles) that are truck or rail-mounted for transport.  Under the right conditions, a breach of an LNG container as small as 4 inches can result in catastrophic devastation and loss of life over a wide area.

We have found a legal team in Washington, D.C., that is willing to help us challenge the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for disclaiming Congressional jurisdictional authority under the Natural Gas Act for the siting, construction, operation and maintenance of inland LNG export facilities.

The legal team has agreed to handle this case for $10K and a fraction of damages, plus the cost of expert witnesses and regular expenses. A lawsuit against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission can be filed in Federal Court within 30 days from the date our goal has been achieved.

Please help us protect people from the dangers of unregulated Liquefied Natural Gas.