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WV Rivers' Science Fund keeps science and facts at the forefront of legislative debate. Thanks to a pledge from a generous donor, the first $10,000 donated to WV Rivers' Science Fund between now and the end of the legislative session, April 8, will be matched! 

Here's how we'll put your donations to work: 

Science-based defense against policies that harm West Virginia's water. Our Science Advisor, Evan Hansen of Downstream Strategies, 
provides fact-based scientific testimony to the Legislature. This requires exhaustive research and policy analysis to counter industry claims. We need $10,000 to make sure the Legislature continues to hear testimony supporting scientifically sound water policies.

Telling you the facts about what's happening to our water. Though our weekly
water policy updates and publications we make sure that you understand what’s happening and what it means for our water. We’re working with the media to hold our decision makers accountable and force transparent decision making. This is labor-intensive work. We need to raise $5,000 to keep you up-to-date on water policy.

Keeping West Virginian’s voices front and center. We give you the tools to make your voice heard. Through 
fact sheets, action alerts and technical assistance WV Rivers works hard to make sure you are part of the discussion.We need $3,000 to keep it easy for you to submit your comments on water policy.

Lobbying for safe water. We’re at the Capitol as your advocate for our rivers and streams. We're going head to head with high-paid industry lobbyists to make sure our legislators have the facts. One gift of $1,000 will be doubled to send a team of West Virginians to Washington DC; $6,000 funds our legislative work in Charleston. 

WV Rivers' Science Fund is paid for by people like you. We can't do it without you! 
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Kara K. Cox donated $25 on 4/4/2017
Catherine G donated $25 on 3/30/2017
chrissy zeltner donated $150 on 3/30/2017
Keep up the great work, Rivers Coalition :-)
Angie Rosser donated $50 on 3/30/2017
West Virginia needs WV Rivers Coalition!
by Anonymous donated $100 on 3/30/2017
Robert Stanley donated $100 on 3/27/2017
We need to do all in our power to ensure that the rivers and streams of West Virginia are protected from sources of pollution.
Penny & Drew donated $250 on 3/26/2017
Margaret FitzGibbon donated $100 on 3/25/2017
Destroying our watersheds to keep a dying industry alive is short sighted and harms ours and future generations.
Jean Sevin donated $10 on 3/24/2017
Strat Douglas and Jodie Jackson donated $100 on 3/24/2017
This bill will not revive West Virgnia's coal industry, but it will hurt West Virgnia's people.
Janice in memory of Ken donated $100 on 3/24/2017
Cindy & Paul Rank donated $50 on 3/23/2017
With tons of gratitude.
Mary Gainer donated $50 on 3/23/2017
Janet Keating donated $25 on 3/20/2017
The Richters donated $75 on 3/19/2017
by Anonymous donated $100 on 3/19/2017
Charlotte Fremaux donated $25 on 3/19/2017
The height of stupidity: jeopardizing a resource necessary for life. Let's remove legislators who support polluters from office.
Angela C donated $100 on 3/19/2017
William H. McCormick VMD donated $50 on 3/19/2017
Chuck & Nancy Brabec donated $100 on 3/18/2017
Thank you WVRC for your hard work protecting our clean water.
John donated $50 on 3/18/2017
Thomas B donated $50 on 3/18/2017
Roger Wilmoth donated $10 on 3/18/2017
Judy and David Plott donated $50 on 3/18/2017
Nancy Ward donated $100 on 3/18/2017
Thank you Rivers Coalition for protecting our rivers and streams.