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We need you to help stop attempted rollbacks to water protections!

For nearly 30 years, West Virginia Rivers Coalition has advocated for safe, clean and healthy West Virginia water. We’ve made great progress, but today, our water protections are at risk. Attempts to rollback critical protections are underway at both the state and federal level. We can’t let our progress be undone – we can’t allow the health of our rivers and streams to go backwards.

Please make a donation to WV Rivers Coalition, to fight back against these roll backs. We'll put your donation to work on projects that make a real difference for West Virginia's water quality. Here's how:

Water Policy

There is an emboldened all-out push by industry to dismantle the rules that protect West Virginia’s water. Despite the improvement over the last few decades, 44% of West Virginia waterways are impaired and restoration of these waters is largely dependent on federal funding. The president’s recommended budget zeroed out this critical funding to West Virginia —which could undo three decades of progress we’ve championed. This fall, we’ll confront an attempt by the mining industry to outright excuse themselves from complying with the state’s water quality standards. We will also be dealing with the new “Regulatory Reform Act,” through which all of West Virginia’s environmental rules are mandated to be screened – looking for ways they can be made less stringent. We need $12,000 to fight for protective policies and the funding needed to continue to improve watershed health in West Virginia.


It’s crunch time as three major pipelines presenting hundreds of stream impacts are coming into final approval phases. These massive projects threaten drinking water, fish and wildlife habitat, and some of the most pristine mountain streams in West Virginia. This summer the US Forest Service approved paths for the Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline through our national forestland and waters. The environmental impact studies determined construction has the potential to adversely impact adjacent streams and forests, underlying caves and sinkholes, and habitat for seven endangered species. Recently, another pipeline project was shut down because of a long list of violations, but only after the damage had been done. We need $8,000 to strengthen our stream monitoring and enforcement efforts to protect waters threatened by pipelines.

Public Lands

Pipelines are not the only threats to our national public lands. Members of Congress want to sell off or give away large tracts of our national treasures, even forcing a divestiture of parts of our national forest. They want to eliminate programs like the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which uses offshore gas and oil royalties to buy land and ensure recreational access along rivers like the Gauley and New. To combat these threats, we are coordinating a growing alliance called West Virginians for Public Lands. These efforts involve extensive travel, organizing, public events, and media outreach. We need $15,000 to lead efforts to protect our system of national public lands that provides us outstanding outdoor recreation experiences.

Please make a tax-deductible donation today.

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Thank you for your work.
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Pure water is becoming rarer. We must do everything we can to save our precious waters.
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We need to all we can to defend the quality of the streams and rivers in West Virginia.
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