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since 1982 donated $1000 on 2/1/2020
in honor of Jeremy Feigleson, Jeremy Ben Ami, Eugenie Allen, Peter Baum, Christian Crumlish, Harold Pollack, Sam Moskowitz, & many others
10 years donated $40 on 10/24/2019
2010 donated $100 on 10/9/2019
The Nass was a welcoming refuge at a time when I needed one. Thanks to everyone committed to keeping this inimitable old rag IN PRINT!
Valerie C donated $400 on 6/22/2019
Lauriston P'56 & Valerie Castleman like Nass (esp Caroline Castleman pieces) & WPRB fm Haverford PA. Congrat on 40 yrs. Stickr pls no shirt
Publisher 1984-1985 so a long time donated $250 on 6/10/2019
Sorry I missed the May fund drive; assume cash is always welcome. It certainly was when I was in your shoes.
I was publisher in 1988! donated $500 on 5/10/2019
I've been enjoying reading the paper online, but am happy to make a donation to allow you to continue to print!
Since I was a freshman in college donated $18 on 5/10/2019
May the irreverent spirit of the Nass forever live on
4ever, it seems donated $40 on 5/9/2019
I luv u
15 years donated $40 on 5/6/2019
Ben J donated $180 on 5/5/2019
Since freshman year, 2009 donated $10 on 5/5/2019
3 years donated $1000 on 5/4/2019
by Anonymous donated $500 on 4/30/2019
Far too long donated $10 on 4/23/2019
I would love more clarity on your Oxford comma policy if possible
40 years donated $150 on 4/19/2019
Thanks for all the loving effort that went into the anniversary issue.
Since ~2011 donated $25 on 4/17/2019
Evaline T donated $15 on 4/15/2019
by Anonymous donated $1000 on 4/14/2019
Stay strong. Publish what's worthy. Don't be cowed by the PC crowd.
Sara M donated $40 on 4/13/2019
Co editor in chief class of 2005
Long time donated $200 on 4/13/2019
Keep up the good work!
Since fall 2018 donated $100 on 4/12/2019
Not now. Keep up the good writing
20 years donated $40 on 4/11/2019
Thanks for keeping the tradition alive.
Fall 2011 donated $25 on 4/10/2019
Sent with love from the Nass's first ever social chair and gear organizer! Love to see the merchandise selection grow and evolve.
Since 2002 donated $40 on 4/10/2019
It would be good to publish a book of original writing and art from the Nass
Katherine D donated $1 on 4/9/2019
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