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Since a Lull in Conversation with Lili is a thing donated $103.3 on 4/29/2021
We'd love more Latin music, Mercedes Soza? Por uma America unida!
90s donated $103.3 on 4/26/2021
40 years donated $20 on 3/20/2021
Many Years! donated $105 on 3/20/2021
Great love it! miss the Sunday morning opera show though!
Since the 90’s donated $15 on 3/20/2021
by Anonymous donated $103.3 on 3/11/2021
I've been listening to WPRB off and on for decades, and rather regularly for the past year. Especially DoublePlusGood, Don't Back The Front.
Michael L donated $5 on 3/10/2021
Michael L donated $5 on 3/9/2021
years and years! donated $45 on 2/28/2021
10 years donated $25 on 2/24/2021
Great Job! No matter when I turn it on, I'm always so pleasantly surprised then I get excited and happy and I'm in a good mood.
2 weeks donated $15 on 2/15/2021
So excited to have stumbled upon you!
1 year donated $5 on 2/14/2021
4 years donated $45 on 2/11/2021
I just really enjoy the variety of programs throughout the week. So, many unique and interesting programming. I want to support this.
Mid-90's. donated $103.3 on 2/9/2021
I can say 'thanks' all day long, but there are bills to pay.
5 years donated $15 on 2/6/2021
Forever donated $103.3 on 2/3/2021
Keep going. And I hope Princeton Blue Ribbon returns sometime.
Off and on, 26 years donated $103.3 on 2/1/2021
Really enjoy the Jazz and Blues programs when I get a chance and remember to tune in and listen. Student DJs rock!
4-5 years? donated $300 on 2/1/2021
About a year, I guess? donated $60 on 2/1/2021
Gary R donated $103.3 on 1/31/2021
Since the 1970's donated $45 on 1/27/2021
I don't really listen much, since I live in NYC now. But I'll occasionally listen on web. I love what you folks do-- keep doing great radio!
since the 90's donated $20 on 1/24/2021
Matt M donated $500 on 1/22/2021
John Weingart is the best!
30 years donated $45 on 1/20/2021
Love the Litterbox with Kat show! Refreshingly real! Understated genius.
54 years donated $225 on 1/19/2021