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Dear Radio Lover,


WPRB’s transformation to a listener-supported station in 2005 was no accident of timing. The proliferation of online streaming music services and subscriber based satellite radio sealed the fate for countless college and community radio stations. But where others saw defeat, WPRB saw a unique challenge: to stay relevant in an ever-changing media landscape. After six years of successful membership drives, it’s clear that thousands of listeners around the world appreciate our unorthodox style of programming and desire ways to engage with it more directly. This month, we’re holding a fundraising campaign to greet these challenges head on, and I hope we can count on your pledge. In the hopes of winning your financial support, we’re bundling this appeal with WPRB’s Spring 2012 Program Guide, and an opportunity to declare your love publicly with some great WPRB swag.


Unlike our annual on-air membership drive, this fundraising campaign will not interrupt our normal programming, nor will any money earned from it go towards mere ‘operating expenses.’ Instead, proceeds from this mailing will go directly to where they are most needed: to rehabilitate our in-house computing and website needs. In order for WPRB to better serve its increasingly tech-savvy listener base, we have to upgrade our technology so that podcasts, interactive playlists, and alternate content streams become a reality.


We know it’s a big deviation from past traditions to ask for your help twice in one year, and we wouldn’t be doing it if there wasn’t a palpable sense of new energy around the “20th floor of the WPRB communications complex,” as dear Dr. Cosmo used to call it. To show our gratitude towards our most dedicated supporters, we’re bringing back one of the station’s most legendary t-shirt designs on the occasion of its 20th anniversary (Hypnotized Cheese! See above.) Since these shirts will be made only to meet the demand of this mailing, this bit of 90’s nostalgia is bound to be an instant collectible. If you’re so inclined, you can pledge at a higher level and you’ll not only get the shirt, but also the WPRB Vinyl Logo coffee mug and button set (right), which will certainly make you the object of envy in the office, the dorm, or wherever else your travels may take you.


You can make your tax-deductible pledge online at or by completing the form on the reverse side of this letter. Remember, your contribution goes directly to help WPRB reach you, our loyal listener, and expand the scope of the programming you’ve come to know and love.


I hope to hear from you!


Dipika Sen

WPRB Station Manager