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Maryann and Ed O’Connor donated $250 on 10/29/2019
LF donated $26.34 on 10/29/2019
I appreciate you and your staff for the wonderful work you are doing in the lives of others. Thank You.
Janice Thomas donated $156.27 on 10/26/2019
George C donated $52.33 on 10/25/2019
Wallace Underwood donated $250 on 10/18/2019
George C donated $52.33 on 10/17/2019
Sasha Gooray donated $208.25 on 10/17/2019
Bauer/Youngs Family donated $104.3 on 10/17/2019
Barbara A. Fiore donated $100 on 10/17/2019
Carol Stevens Maxwell donated $125 on 10/17/2019
Liz Head donated $52.33 on 10/17/2019
Sorry to miss the Blue Jean Gala this year! Praying for the event tonight.
Tiffany Crawford donated $250 on 10/16/2019
Mary Flynn Niemitz and Caroline Van Eaton donated $156.27 on 10/16/2019
Sending love and prayers for a fantastic 2019 Blue Jeans Gala! You ladies are amazing!
Joe and Brenda Wicker donated $520.1 on 10/16/2019
Wallace & Cheryl Francis donated $104.3 on 10/16/2019
Praising God for all He is accomplishing in and through this ministry.
Cru Inner City Atlanta donated $104.3 on 10/15/2019
Jessica Godfrey donated $104.3 on 10/13/2019
I regret that I will miss the Gala this year. I always look forward to hearing from the ladies. May God continue to bless your work!