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We don’t need to tell you that 2020 has been difficult at best. While we're still living in challenging times on so many levels, this continues to be a remarkable time of growth and innovation for our organization.

One thing that we at WinterSpring have learned in the past year, is that we need to be continuously agile and responsive to change. We've been busy innovating and adjusting our programming, and adapting to a virtual platform, which has in turn expanded our reach and made our services more accessible. We won’t lie, it's been a challenge at every step. We weren’t set up for success from a technological perspective, and our annual budget wasn’t prepared for the exponential growth it would take for us to catch up. From our website, to online meeting platforms, even to our social media platforms, we’ve been jumping hurdles on a daily basis. We simply don’t have what it takes to operate effectively in the virtual world. Not easily, anyway. We’re making things happen, because that’s what we do. It just feels like we’re constantly using bandaids to hold our existing technology together, in order for it to work for us.

Your donation will help us grow and establish a wider and more socially integrated virtual community, and in turn reach more and more grieving children, youth and adults, as we continue to adapt and provide support in ways we could have never anticipated. Here are just a few ways your donation be used:

Grow and improve our interactive online environment for our Youth Programs.
Modifying our website to allow for greater integration and updating/editing capabilities.
Integrate a HowTube Platform for online training and resources.
Increase our social media presence and integrate it with our website and How Tube channel - allowing our community to engage with us virtually.
Train more volunteers to support our increased need for virtual groups.
Continue to offer all facilitated peer to peer support groups free of charge.

Your donations will help us grow and establish a wider and more socially integrated virtual community, and in turn reach more and more grieving children, youth and adults. It is through sharing of stories, connecting with others, and learning tools/techniques for healthy grieving that people are able to heal and embrace life again. 

Your support helps us to continue this work in ways we could have never anticipated. From our hearts to yours - Thank you!

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Given on behalf of Venna Bosma. The 'State' pull down menu s only showing the islands. THE CORRECT STATE IS OREGON.
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