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KWVH, also known as Wimberley Valley Radio has been fulfilling its mission to inform, entertain, and bring this community together especially during times of crisis by reaching out to the listeners in our region and supplying our community with relevant, timely and consistent updates on how Covid-19 is impacting our community’s people and businesses.

KWVH, is participating in #GivingTuesdayNow to help raise funds for our broadcast console from Studio A (also known as the fishbowl) which suffered a catastrophic surge during a severe thunderstorm that struck our area last week and is no longer operable. With the recent Covid-19 restrictions we’ve chosen to implement that allow for only 1 staff or volunteer in the Studio at a time, we are now forced to expand that restriction so that our only other studio (Studio-B) which shares the main station office space can be utilized even while our staff member is present.

KWVH desperately needs to replace the broadcast console from Studio-A while at the same time find a further way to bring in much needed operation costs that amount to $500 a day to keep our station on the air... but our original pledge drive scheduled for April and May this year that would have provided the fundraising opportunity to reach these goals has been postponed indefinitely.
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Reid, Charlene, Melissa donated $100 on 5/5/2020
Martha E Boyd donated $52 on 5/5/2020
Winifred Flato Simon donated $52 on 5/5/2020
Lynne Flocke donated $100 on 5/5/2020
Thanks, Capt./Col. Bob!
Robert donated $500 on 5/5/2020
Jana White donated $103.62 on 5/5/2020
Michaelanne Hurst donated $516.62 on 5/5/2020
I personally love Wimberley Valley Radio. This donation is my personal donation, not from the Chamber. Just for purposes of clarity. :)
Gary Zupancic donated $21.02 on 5/4/2020
KWVH provides the Wimberley valley with fun and entertainment and crucial community news
Ruthie Cabler donated $310.12 on 5/4/2020
Love my Wimberley Valley Radio❤️
Sharon & Walter donated $103.62 on 5/3/2020
Martha donated $206.87 on 4/30/2020
Susan E. Welch donated $103.62 on 4/29/2020
Just sent in by mail recently a large check but here is another 100.
Georgine Benno donated $20 on 4/29/2020
Don S. Morris DVM donated $20 on 4/27/2020
Just trying to help Cpt. Bob