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Did you know that elephants are afraid of bees?

It turns out what seems like just a fun fact can make a big difference in saving elephants, and now you can help.
Rural farmers living next to Tsavo East National Park in Kenya struggle to harvest their crops each year because elephants migrate out of the park at night and eat the crops from their farms. This human-elephant conflict is increasing, and both farmers and elephants are injured or even killed during nighttime clashes.

Save the ElephantsElephants and Bees Project has put up fences made out of beehives around the worst-affected communities. Since elephants are afraid of bees and will avoid them at all costs to prevent getting stung around the eyes and up the trunk, the beehives keep elephants out of crops. Beehive fences reduce elephant crop-raiding incursions into the farms by up to 80 percent, provide pollination for the crops, and produce Elephant-Friendly Honey for the farmers to sell.

As the project has grown rapidly, we need help with funds to build capacity in the honey processing side of the project. Not only do we need new beesuits, gloves, rubber boots, torches, buckets and extractors for honey harvesting but we also need US$25,000 to buy a 4x4 honey harvesting pick up truck. The truck will help us access remote farms to collect the super boxes and buckets full of honey and bring them back to the Elephants and Bees Research Center for processing. You can help our project grow and save more elephants with bees and honey. 


To learn more about the project visit us at

Any amount will help support the project, and bees will keep elephants safe from people!