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West End Center for Youth

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J. Robert & Marion Walton donated $100 on 9/16/2021
TLS Accounting donated $500 on 9/15/2021
The Piano Students of Bittsy R. Hall donated $295.38 on 9/2/2021
Our piano hands are helping hands for the children at the west end center. Our ‘pennies for practice’ raised this donation money .
Geoffrey T Harter donated $500 on 8/12/2021
Yvonne M Michie donated $50 on 8/11/2021
In memory of Ernie Littlefield.
Alicia McAllister donated $100 on 7/28/2021
Thank you for the work you do! Please use this donation to provide school supplies for 2 students.
Karli and Will Griffeth donated $1000 on 7/26/2021
by Anonymous donated $100 on 7/15/2021
by Anonymous donated $1000 on 7/11/2021
Gift to support the Center's summer program
Logan Bohon & Friends donated $135 on 7/10/2021
This money was generously given to me by my friends and family to donate to the West End Center 💙
john and janet donated $100 on 7/8/2021
Rest In Peace.
Cheri and David Hartman donated $30 on 7/1/2021
Geoffrey T Harter donated $250 on 6/30/2021
Susan Larkin donated $50 on 6/30/2021
Keep up the great work!
Becky McKimmy donated $200 on 6/3/2021
by Anonymous donated $20 on 5/29/2021
For the high school program
Susan & Pete Larkin donated $100 on 5/28/2021
Leslie B donated $100 on 5/28/2021
Terrific Program! So glad I can help
Damon and Sam Newsom donated $250 on 5/28/2021
Pamela Banks donated $400 on 5/23/2021
Kelli Eagle donated $100 on 5/3/2021