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S.C.O.R.E, INC was designed by its founders two minority sister doctors to expose, empower & encourage young women to pursue a STEM degree.
2020 Programs
Passport to Success Conference #E3
Summer Healthcare Internship and Scholarship
HBCU STEM Experience Panel
STEM Lounge After School Program
   Recent Activity
Dr. Janelle Davison donated $500 on 7/17/2021
Ebonee F. Shaw donated $100 on 12/31/2020
Continue to fuel passions and change lives!
Dr. Ruth donated $250 on 12/30/2020
Keeping doing the great work that you're doing. You don't just talk about it, you be about it!
Chimère Love Carter donated $50 on 12/2/2020
Janet White donated $100 on 6/1/2020
Leslie Martina donated $100 on 5/20/2020
My good friend Lorita Shaw told me about this great organization.
Kittie Watson, President / Innolect Inc. donated $1000 on 3/19/2020
Alesia Wallace donated $100 on 12/23/2019
LaKesha D donated $55 on 12/3/2019
Keep up the good work!
Earnest Womack donated $250 on 12/3/2019
Onward and Upward :)
Dianna Weatherspoon Bey donated $25 on 12/3/2019
Val and Han donated $50 on 12/3/2019
STEM is so important. Empowerment of young girls even more important. Blessings.
Box B.E.N [Black Excellence Network] donated $250 on 12/3/2019
Continue to do great work
Marjorie Mann donated $50 on 12/2/2019
by Anonymous donated $250 on 10/21/2019
Danella Lang donated $25 on 10/2/2019
Love what you have accomplished with this organization and want to be apart of making sure it continues to sustain and grow.
Ansel T Johnson donated $50 on 9/26/2019
I celebrate your passion in helping young girls as I have a daughter!
Eye Love Smiles Eye & Dental Care donated $300 on 9/12/2019
Love what you are doing for our youth! Keep up the good work!
Candice Moore, OD, MHS donated $55 on 9/6/2019
Crystal G donated $100 on 9/3/2019
Alicia T donated $55 on 8/6/2019
Georgia Blue Foot and Ankle donated $100 on 7/18/2019
Jarrett Manning, DDS, MPH donated $400 on 7/16/2019
Jarrett L. Manning donated $100 on 6/3/2019