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Jacqie Page-Morton

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Caitlin McGrath donated $100 on 10/10/2019
Sherri Speziale donated $40 on 10/8/2019
Richard Eaken donated $150 on 10/3/2019
Iype C donated $100 on 10/3/2019
Damon Parkhurst donated $100 on 10/1/2019
Gabriel M Gomez donated $20 on 10/1/2019
My condolences for your loss. Jacqie was a great person.
Belinda Stockton donated $50 on 10/1/2019
Lynn Greer donated $40 on 10/1/2019
Prayers for Jacqie's family. So sorry for your loss.
Will and Saginaw Engineering/Maintenance Team donated $100 on 10/1/2019
by Anonymous donated $50 on 9/30/2019
Rachelle & John Lowder donated $100 on 9/30/2019
Jon Spiller donated $100 on 9/30/2019
A great person and a great cause. We miss you, Jacqie.
by Anonymous donated $40 on 9/30/2019
Ted and Tonja Graham donated $50 on 9/30/2019
Randy Sefkar donated $20 on 9/27/2019
U.S. Marine and Warrior donated $40 on 9/27/2019
What ever it takes to help wounded warriors recover - thanks to Jacqie for caring about this important issue.
by Anonymous donated $20 on 9/27/2019
by Anonymous donated $50 on 9/26/2019
Karen Sanders donated $100 on 9/26/2019
Not sure who I will talk about Halloween decorations and the new upcoming roses and iris for the year. We will be thinking of you !
Robin M donated $100 on 9/26/2019
For Jacqie and for the Veteran who will get the dog.
Chef Albert donated $100 on 9/26/2019
Phillip Sanders donated $50 on 9/26/2019
by Anonymous donated $20 on 9/26/2019
David Pennington donated $100 on 9/26/2019
You will be remembered Jacqie! Thank you for always smiling and sharing your joy for life, David P.
Franci Mobley donated $10 on 9/26/2019