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“GRIFF” donated $20 on 7/22/2021
Jeffrey Woodard donated $125 on 7/22/2021
This gift is for the first 5 students to submit their results of tracking their spending for the week.
AmySue donated $50 on 7/13/2021
Camille B donated $2500 on 6/30/2021
Nichole Wilson donated $1000 on 6/30/2021
Final Portion of Board dues
Bill Shrewsberry donated $2500 on 6/29/2021
Lacy M Johnson donated $2500 on 6/28/2021
Joyce Q. Rogers donated $2500 on 6/27/2021
Corey J. Savage donated $30 on 6/27/2021
Congratulations Tanasha, on your new appointment with Madam Walker Legacy Center.
by Anonymous donated $50 on 6/19/2021
Happy Juneteenth!
Barbara F Sutton donated $20 on 5/6/2021
Terry Whitt Bailey donated $20 on 5/6/2021
Bonita Hurt donated $20 on 5/5/2021
April M donated $50 on 5/4/2021
Marla Taylor donated $20 on 5/4/2021
by Anonymous donated $10 on 5/2/2021
Deborah Banks donated $20 on 5/2/2021
Karla Fields donated $50 on 4/4/2021
I was inspired by the determination of the Honorable Madame Walker to help her people become a people of independence.
The NETwork - Indiana Virtual donated $100 on 3/30/2021
Thank you for the virtual tour. We can’t wait to see the newly renovated building in person.
Richard Uhl donated $500 on 3/28/2021
for The Avenue
Barry Barker donated $30 on 3/25/2021
Yolanda F. Johnson donated $100 on 2/27/2021
In honor of Dr. Tyrone McKinley Freeman by Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy, for his dedication to Madame Walker's legacy.