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Robert B donated $10 on 3/6/2019
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John Ford donated $10 on 11/5/2018
Thank you for providing this service. Candidates should stick to the issues and stop bashing each other.
Bruce donated $25 on 11/5/2018
Rodford Edmiston Smith donated $25 on 11/4/2018
Mark A. Herrick donated $25 on 11/3/2018
I like getting the pictures.
by Anonymous donated $499 on 11/2/2018
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Robert LeMay donated $25 on 10/18/2018
The only place I know that shows me all the candidates and issues on my local Arkansas ballot before I get to the poles.
by Anonymous donated $10 on 10/18/2018
by Anonymous donated $10 on 10/18/2018
Diana Krantz donated $10 on 10/18/2018