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Each dollar raised through this platform, benefits a pet and their owner in innumerable ways. From critical medical care, to pet food and shelter, your dollars are hard at work in communities around the United States.
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Gypsy Cowgirl donated $20 on 9/23/2021
Thank You All for all you do to Help Animals in Need!!!
In Memory of Molly Sullivan donated $100 on 9/22/2021
Please send an acknowledgement of this donation to Sandy and Rick Sullivan 301 Dorseyville Road Pittsburgh Pa 15215
by Anonymous donated $20 on 9/22/2021
The McFarlins donated $50 on 9/22/2021
In loving memory of Darleen Ragland.
Diane Jean donated $100 on 9/22/2021
Cheryl McGrew donated $10 on 9/20/2021
Heatherjoy Klein donated $25 on 9/20/2021
by Anonymous donated $20 on 9/15/2021
by Anonymous donated $20 on 9/14/2021
Nell donated $5 on 9/8/2021
The VCA in Yuba City, CA is the best.
by Anonymous donated $100 on 9/2/2021
We love you Murphy. You are a very good boy who does good boy things. We miss you.
Simon De Carrasco donated $250 on 8/18/2021
In loving memory of our cat Simon and in thanks to VCA Metroplex Animal Hospital in Dallas for giving him a 2nd chance at life 5 years ago
by Anonymous donated $100 on 8/11/2021