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John C. Klein donated $100 on 2/4/2021
I appreciated the DDs in the central highlands with the 4th ID
Ms. Leeza Spiegl donated $20 on 8/22/2020
I feel it's wonderful the Donut Dollies are receiving the recognition they've been denied for far too long.
Jim K donated $50 on 8/15/2020
Rosanne Sturtevant Sprague ( VN 70-71) donated $500 on 9/21/2019
I have been trying to recreate the excitement of this adrenaline-intense adventure my entire life. Nothing has come close. NOTHING!
Terry Harmon donated $200 on 7/25/2019
Thank you for all your work on this project. I look forward to seeing the documentary.
Patrick M Carolan donated $50 on 6/9/2019
Bruce P donated $30 on 2/26/2019
I remember the Donut Dollies well from Korea. You deserve the recognition, we always appreciated you
Margy donated $50 on 2/25/2019
I Applaud the Team and all the Participants, including the Donut Dollies, the Veterans, the Production Team, and the Vietnamese Families
Cherie Rankin donated $50 on 2/25/2019
Thanks Norm, Doset and company for making a beautiful and accurate (to my own experience) film about the DD's role in the Vietnam war.
George A. Bontya donated $50 on 2/24/2019
Thank you to all the Donut Dollies that served overseas, especially in Vietnam. You all our Heroes in our eyes.
Steve Dimon donated $100 on 2/22/2019
I hope I can help the Donut Dollies as much as they helped me.
Sally Edwards donated $50 on 2/21/2019
Thank you for making this documentary as a tribute to the hundreds of women who volunteered to patriotically serve their country.
Linda Trousdale Curtis SRAO '70-'71 donated $100 on 2/18/2019
Duane donated $100 on 2/16/2019
As a First Cav Warrant Officer just seeing one of those girls walking by made my day.
Cal Brooks donated $20 on 2/16/2019
SRAO VN 66-67