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by Anonymous donated $100 on 11/24/2020
Mike Alber donated $50 on 11/21/2020
Kathleen C donated $100 on 11/19/2020
If only everyone could see the stories of these new Americans through Upwardly Global’s eye, we would all be richer.
Darshil S donated $100 on 11/16/2020
Mr and Mrs Victor Olefson donated $36 on 11/16/2020
It is truly a mitzvah to donate "double chai" to a truly worthy cause.
Francisco donated $50 on 11/15/2020
I would like to thank UpGlo for its excellent job and commitment to immigrant's success in the US job marketplace.
by Anonymous donated $850 on 11/14/2020
Rita P. donated $70 on 11/13/2020
Sharyn Reiff, Clearly Said & Easily Understood donated $50 on 11/13/2020
Michael Diamond's grandmother donated $100 on 11/13/2020
Steve/Judith Forshay donated $100 on 11/13/2020
by Anonymous donated $25 on 11/13/2020
Yvonne Ngo donated $150 on 11/13/2020
Ellen Scully donated $25 on 11/13/2020
Vanessa Lopez donated $50 on 11/12/2020
Such an important mission, thank you for all your work!
The Vitt donated $25 on 11/12/2020
Nicola Beaumont donated $50 on 11/12/2020
EP donated $170 on 11/12/2020
Thank you Upwardly Global team! You helped me on my journey. BIG THANKS!
by Anonymous donated $25 on 11/12/2020
Anita Spencer donated $100 on 11/12/2020
by Anonymous donated $1500 on 11/12/2020
Stone donated $100 on 11/12/2020
Wish all the best to UpGlo again! Such a wonderful night & Happy 20th birth!
Miglena D donated $100 on 11/12/2020
Jasmeet K donated $500 on 11/12/2020
So proud of all the tireless efforts of staff and this community to uplift immigrant and refugee professionals!