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Thank you to Amazon who has sponsored the We Believe! campaign.

Uplift Northwest (formerly Millionair Club Charity) has been providing job opportunities and job-readiness services to the Puget Sound region since 1921. Made possible by donors and supporters like you, our 100 years of service help men and women experiencing poverty and homelessness to find hope and dignity again through employment.

All in one location, people can find job training, meals, a hygiene center, laundry, career coaching, and of course - job placement. Like you and all of our fellow community members, we want to see the people and businesses of this region thrive. It's for that reason that we suspend judgment and instead find potential in every person that walks through our doors. Thanks to your years of support, we are placing men and women in both temporary and permanent jobs in the hundreds and thousands.

Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, your support has helped men and women remain housed, find work in essential sectors, and be prepared to adapt to the changing job landscape. We are dedicated to helping people find stability in their lives, and we ask you to help us continue our mission.

Please watch the video below to hear from real workers in our program that know a thing or two about all we can accomplish together.

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Please use for digital literacy programs.
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Keep it up Kevin and thanks to both you and Sandy!!
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Thank you for your service to the community
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Thank you Uplift Northwest
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